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Conversas à Quinta in the female debate “The importance of women in politics”

In this month of November, the videoconference “Conversas à Quinta”, promoted monthly by the PSD of Olhão, gives voice to the feminine universe, to debate “The importance of women in politics”. The broadcast will be live via Facebook, this Thursday, the 12th, at 9:30 pm. At a time when the first female vice-president of the United States is news, and in Portugal, there are two women candidates for the Presidency of the Republic, it is important to discuss what remains to be done to fully implement the law of parity in Organs representative bodies of power. political. To give an opinion on the matter, we invited women of different generations, with relevant experience in positions of political responsibility. In the panel of speakers for the next “Conversas à Quinta” will be:

Maria da Graça Carvalho – MEP and current President of the Francisco Sá Carneiro Institute; Former Minister of Science and Higher Education.

Ofélia Ramos – Member of the Assembly of the Republic and President of PSD Faro.

Bárbara do Amaral Correia – President of JSD / Algarve and Member of the Municipal Assembly of Loulé.

Filomena Sintra – Deputy Mayor of Castro Marim (since 2005).

This time, the conversation will also be conducted by a woman. Cláudia Sofia Sousa, newly elected Secretary of PSD Olhão, will be the service moderator.

Launched in April, in a time of social isolation, to maintain a close dialogue with the citizens, the “Conversations on Thursday” videoconferences of PSD Olhão, are already in the eighth session and will continue, in this format, until December, always on the second Thursday of each month, seeking to address the key political and social issues.