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Quelfes Road Works: PSD accuses Olhão City Council of continuing to mislead the opposition and the population

The meeting requested more than 45 days ago (since August 24) by the Councilmen elected by the PSD should have taken place this Wednesday morning, October 12, at the Olhão City Hall, with the contractor responsible for the works on the Quelfes Road, in order to clarify the reasons for the delay in the progress of the works, which has severely affected the residents and traders in that area.

However, when they arrived, the PSD Councilmen, Álvaro Viegas and Daniel Santana, refused to sit at the table, after noting the non-appearance of the contractor, as requested. In the meeting room, to provide clarifications, there were only the Councilman in charge of Public Works, Ricardo Calé, and the Director of that department, who justified the absence of the contractor “because it was a political meeting”.

Given the situation, the PSD Councilmen refused to meet in those terms, requesting the rescheduling of the meeting for a new date with the presence of the contractor, and the PS Councilman, Ricardo Calé, replied that he would call the contractor to meet next Wednesday, October 19.

Councilman Daniel Santana, who had requested the meeting, did not leave the CMO premises without first accessing the project of the work in progress – which had been requested in writing back in August.

After a first analysis, we could see what we already suspected: When it is completed, Quelfes Road will not have a bike lane (as it was supposed to), will continue to suffer from a lack of parking, and serious problems in car circulation, especially at peak car traffic hours.

For the President of the Olhão PSD, António Andrade, it is deplorable how the PS executive, which leads the Olhão City Council, insists on deceiving the opposition and the population, blocking objective and transparent access to information. Instead of assuming and clearly fulfilling its obligations, the PS executive victimizes itself, preferring to hide behind the version that the opposition is the one “inventing lies”. Because it cannot invent what it does not know, the PSD will continue to fight to ascertain and clarify the truth in all matters that raise doubts in the actions of this executive. This is the role of a strong and responsible opposition.

The Political Commission

Olhão, October 12, 2022