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PSD wants clarification about the works on the Quelfes Road

The PSD Olhão makes it known that councilman Daniel Santana requested, at the request of the Political Commission, a meeting with the councilman responsible for Public Works, Ricardo Calé, and the contractor of the work in progress on the EN 398 (Quelfes Road Requalification), with a visit to the site, in order to demand a clarification of times and expected works.

This request comes in the wake of the presence of a Residents’ and Shopkeepers’ Committee, affected by the works on the Quelfes Road, at the August 24th City Council Meeting, in which they presented a petition and the problems arising from the suspension of the works on this stretch.

In this same City Council Meeting, Councilman Ricardo Calé committed himself, together with the representatives of the mentioned Residents and Traders Committee, to schedule “as urgently as possible” a visit to the construction site, in the presence of the contractor, in order to check the progress of the work.

When formalizing this request in writing, a representative of the Quelfes Road Residents and Traders Committee was requested to be present, as well as a member of the PSD Municipal Bench, and the project of the work in progress was also requested.

For the President of the Olhão PSD, António Andrade, it is urgent to find out the real reasons for the contractor’s difficulties that justify the slow pace of the work, with no end in sight.

It is extremely important to clarify the status of the work – begun in January 2022 and scheduled to be completed in 365 days – because, once again, there has been damaging management by the Socialist Executive of the Municipality of Olhão.

The Olhão PSD is in solidarity with the citizens of Quelfes, who have been severely affected, and will fight for the development of this work, so that normality and quality of life are restored as soon as possible.

We believe that, by having requested this meeting and the establishment of responsibilities, we have already contributed to the resumption of works suspended for many weeks in the Parish of Quelfes.


The Political Commission

Olhão, September 5, 2022