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PSD Olhão anniversary dinner brings together regional party figures and honours militants

The dinner-party, organised by PSD Olhão and PSD Algarve, which took place on Friday 6 May at the JJ restaurant, to mark the 48th anniversary of the Social Democratic Party, brought together almost 100 militants, sympathisers and prominent regional figures from the party, including the Members of Parliament elected for the Faro constituency, Luís Gomes, Rui Cristina and Ofélia Ramos.

On a night of lively socialising, the interventions were led by the President of the Parish Union of Moncarapacho and Fuseta, Manuel Carlos, the President of PSD Olhão, António Andrade, and the President of PSD Algarve, Cristóvão Norte.

Manuel Carlos, who won an absolute majority for the PSD in the last local elections, in the only orange parish in the Olhão municipality, appealed to the union of all militants, on the road to new victories, stressing that only this union will be able to generate the confidence of the electorate that wins votes.

António Andrade, elected president of the political committee of the Olhão PSD section in November 2021, underlined the work that has been developed by the council, highlighting the municipal coordination office, which aims to encourage proximity between voters and elected representatives, and the communication and marketing office, which has increased the public dissemination of political activities of all municipal bodies: Parish Councils, Municipal Assembly and Town Hall. Soon, he announced the objective of reactivating JSD Olhão, informing that there was already a group of young people ready to embrace the project. With more than fifty new militants activated in recent months, the goal of strengthening militancy is also, according to the president of the council, a winning bet in Olhão, with a tendency to evolve favourably. “It is an act of courage to be PSD in Olhão”, said António Andrade, because it has been a socialist municipality since 1976, “but there are more and more discontented people and it is up to the PSD to position itself as a credible alternative to power”, he concluded.

In his speech, Cristóvão Norte highlighted his pride in being a PSD militant. “The reason we are here is because we are proud of our past, we are proud to be social democrats and those who came before us,” the district leader said. “Wear the badge with pride, never hide it, never embarrass yourself for being from the PSD,” he appealed to the militants.

Before closing the night of celebration, by blowing out the candles and singing Happy Birthday to the PSD, tribute was paid to militants with more than 25 years of militancy. The honorees present were honoured with a diploma, handed over by the President of the PSD Algarve.