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Luiz Trindade re-elected president of PSD Olhão with renewed list

Luiz Trindade, leader of the TSD Algarve (Social Democratic Workers), was re-elected president of PSD Olhão, in the elections that took place last Saturday, November 7, having headed the only candidate list. Maintaining the majority of the members of the previous Political Commission, Luiz Trindade presented a renewed list, betting on the rotation of positions. The two new vice-presidents are Marco Sousa and Maria Elisabete Lopes. The treasurer is now Carlos Cabral (former vice-president) and the municipal secretary becomes Cláudia Sofia Sousa (deputy to the Quelfes Parish Assembly).

The elected list has as its effective members Ana Sofia Faísca, António Andrade, António Cerejo, João Correia, Manuel Carlos de Sousa and Nuno Santos. Daniel Santana (president), Álvaro Viegas (vice president), Maria Carmo Conceição (secretary) and David Brito (alternate) were elected to the Bureau of the Section Assembly.

Thanking all the militants who exercised their right to vote, the re-elected president, Luiz Trindade, reiterates his willingness and willingness to continue with the change process underway at PSD Olhão: “After almost two years of PSD Olhão rehabilitation, I decided to re-apply because it is necessary to continue the change and UNITE to WIN! Much has been done, but there is much more to do! We have recovered the credibility in the municipality and the confidence of the oldest militants who, in the meantime, had left, and we have won over new militants, who are now joining the Party. It takes a new strength to believe, centered on teamwork. We have developed several areas, with emphasis on communication and support for mayors. We were present in the main social networks, created the site and launched a cycle of monthly videoconferences. It is necessary to do more and better, in a coordinated effort in the same direction. We want to continue with confidence the path we started in January 2019, paving the way, overcoming obstacles, but always keeping the course we set, with a firm and safe step, in conquering the confidence of Olhanenses, to lead the autarchy and offer a development plan harmonious and sustained, which enhances our main wealth: the Ria Formosa. It is based on this strategy, that this Political Commission has developed and will continue to develop work, believing that we are every day closer to a victory that will mark a huge turning point in a municipality where the PS “(de) governs” us, uninterruptedly, since 1976. In the path of this strategy, PSD’s affirmation, we are preparing Autárquicas 2021, with the presentation of credible candidates and an attractive program that meets the needs of the population, making the Municipality of Olhão more prosperous and evolved. To achieve this goal, the PSD must be united and committed. It is necessary to UNITE the militants, to WIN Olhão. Count me in. I count on you! ”