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Álvaro Viegas - Candidato do PSD a Presidente da Câmara Municipal de Olhão
Álvaro Viegas

What housing policy?

The Olhão socialist executive presented, with pomp and some circumstance, his plan for the construction of 54 fires at controlled costs. If it happens, this construction will be, in the words of the current president, around 2022. If so, why announce it 2 years before and open the candidacies until the end of 2020? Will the executive decide by October 2021 who are chosen for the allocation of the fires? Of course not, there will be hundreds of candidates waiting with great expectation if they will be selected and this guarantees many votes.

Something new? Nothing that socialists have not done in central and local power for many years, what is surprising is that the population does not understand this deception.

Of course, everyone already understood the purpose of this announcement, we have municipal elections in October 2021 and we must start the electoral propaganda with works to be carried out after these same elections …

This executive who in 8 years has not built a fire now announces 54.
But is this the best way to face this problem?
Olhão made some mistakes after the 25th of April in the housing chapter. It agglomerated social neighborhoods and created ghettos that are not good for those who live there and for the city.
This housing policy is outdated, the correct thing is for the municipality to acquire scattered dwellings and negotiate with civil builders, in order to obtain apartments at lower prices and to rent at fair prices and not offering these houses. See the good example of Medina in Lisbon.

In politics it cannot be anything and playing with basic needs of the population, besides being immoral, is politically despicable.