Be a militant of PSD!

The PSD is a plural party and open to society.

The PSD is based on the strength of the grassroots and the firmness of the militancy. Interclassist, PSD is the party that best represents Portugal. Because of its humanist roots, the PSD believes in personal and social affirmation and, in this way, in building a more just and freer society.

Each militant is unique. And all militants count. Join us!

Pre-Accession Form

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    Duties of Militants

    • Participate in the Party’s activities, formulating all the suggestions and criticisms that it deems appropriate, and compete for its competent bodies to comment on the problems of the country and the groups and regions that comprise it;
    • Accept, unless there is a reasoned excuse, the functions for which they have been designated by the Party bodies;
    • Contribute to the expenses of the Party through the regular payment of contributions;
    • Extend the Party’s insertion through the dissemination of its doctrine and its Program and the recruitment of new militants;
    • Keeping secrecy about the internal activities of the Party organs that they hold or that they attend as participants, observers or guests;
    • Be loyal to the Party’s Program, Statutes and guidelines, as well as its Regulations;
    • Do not enroll in an association or body associated with or dependent on another party, or in any political association not affiliated with the Party, without authorization from the National Council;
    • Do not apply for any elective position in the State or Local Authorities and do not accept the nomination for any government function outside the terms provided for in these Statutes;
    • Not to incur debts or contractual obligations on behalf of the Party without delegation or express authorization from the Secretary-General, under penalty of possible civil and disciplinary liability;
    • In general, reinforce the Party’s cohesion, dynamism and creativity.