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Summary of the 9th Session of the “Conversas à Quinta” debate

The challengess of local government

Less than a year from the next municipal elections, PSD Olhão debated “The challenges of local power”, taking stock of the current mandate and projecting the challenges ahead for the 2021/2025 quadrennium. In the conversation were a Mayor, a Councilor and a Municipal Deputy, three protagonists with extensive experience in political combat in the municipality of Olhão: Manuel Carlos Sousa, Daniel Santana and Francisco Moleiro Santos.

The government is giving powers to the Chambers and the Chambers, in general, are giving powers to the Boards, except the Chamber of Olhão, which is receiving everything and does not distribute anything. It gets bigger and bigger, with more and more skills. Conclusion: the number of employees increases, that big cake increases.

Manuel Carlos SousaPresidente da Junta da U.F.M.F.

The numbers don't lie. In the last elections, in 2017, of the 37,500 voters from all over the county, 21,000 did not vote, 56% of residents did not exercise their right to vote, nor do they want to go to vote because they are not affected by the current socialist policy in Olhão.

Daniel SantanaVereador PSD C.M. Olhão

Do we want a social dependency or do we want a social evolution, in which Olhão has good jobs, good schools, good housing? And for that it is necessary to generate wealth. And wealth is not generated with poverty. Yes, it is generated with new productive companies that bring added value to the municipality of Olhão.

Francisco Moleiro SantosDeputado Municipal CDS-PP

Watch or review in full the ninth session of “Conversas à Quinta-feira”, moderated by Álvaro Viegas.