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Summary of the 4th “Conversas Soltas” videoconference

The role of the ASD as faces of Social Democracy

On the night of May 31, at the 4th and final session of “Conversas Soltas”, a cycle of debates dedicated to the autonomous structures of the Social Democratic Party, PSD Olhão gave voice to the ASD – Social-Democratic Mayors, through the testimony of three experienced mayors, who shared their opinion on topics as diverse as: post-pandemic investment, the decentralization of competences and the importance of the ASD as a link with local authorities in clarifying doubts and solving problems in municipalities.
The speakers were:

Hélder Silva – President of the ASD and President of the C.M. of Mafra;
Pedro Pinto – General Secretary of the ASD and Former President of the C.M. of Paços de Ferreira;
Rogério Bacalhau – President of C.M. de Faro and Vice-President of A.N.M.P.

Since the 25th of April, in particular, it has been the municipal power that has contributed the most to the country's development.

Rogério BacalhauPresidente da C.M. de Faro e Vice-Presidente da A.N.M.P.

The strength of a party is essentially in its autarchic base (…) It is extremely urgent that there is a broader, more muscular, more operationalized decentralization.

Hélder Sousa SilvaPresidente dos ASD e Presidente da C.M. de Mafra

Mostly, a PSD mayor is not only concerned with social media. He is fundamentally concerned about where he is and where he wants to go, in order to create better living conditions for the population.

Pedro PintoSecretário-Geral dos ASD e Ex-Presidente da C.M. de Paços de Ferreira

View or review in full this enlightening session of “Conversas Soltas”, moderated by Daniel Santana.