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Summary of the 3rd videoconference “Conversas Soltas”

The TSD’s political-union role

In anticipation of the commemoration of Labor Day, on the night of April 30, PSD Olhão gave a voice to Social Democratic Workers, one of the autonomous structures of the Social Democratic Party which, through the values ​​of social democracy, through the moderate path of dialogue , promotes social peace in our country. The conversation was:

Pedro Roque – Secretary General of the TSD
Lucinda Dâmaso – President of the Bureau of the National Congress of the TSD
Arménio Santos – Honorary President of the TSD
Carlos Cabral – Member of the TSD Algarve District Secretariat

We also invite you to watch the following messages referring to the 1st of May:

As long as this country does not make a strong leap in terms of economic development, it is not possible to have more resources for the NHS, for education, for justice, for the essential segments of our society. (…) It is the companies that will push the country, in terms of development, in terms of development!

Arménio SantosPresidente Honorário dos TSD

We need to attract young people to the union movement! (…) If you think our movement needs change, come and help us change it! This is a challenge that I have been launching for a long time.

Lucinda DâmasoPresidente da Mesa do Congresso Nacional TSD

The current government uses social consultation as minimum services, which can only be understood in a survival strategy. (…) Structural reforms were stopped in this country in October 2015, this is a fact! (…) It has already been noticed that with this government, with the socialist party at the head of the government, the strategy is for navigation in sight, trying to survive.

Pedro RoqueSecretário-Geral dos TSD

Workers cannot be punished for going to a union! (…) The Algarve has no employability for technical staff. (…) It is necessary to reverse this situation.

Carlos CabralMembro do Secretariado Distrital dos TSD Algarve

Watch or review this enlightening session of “Conversas Soltas”, moderated by Luiz Trindade.