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Summary of the 1st videoconference “Conversas Soltas”

The role of party youth

Aware of the importance of new generations, the PSD Olhão gave a voice to young people who offer their contribution to society through political participation. The exchange of ideas took place between three party youth leaders , at regional, national and European level:

Bárbara Do Amaral Correia , President of JSD / Algarve

Alexandre Poço , President of JSD – Juventude Social Democrata

Lídia Pereira , President of YEPP

There is a very easy way to resolve the career issue: limiting mandates. limitation of mandates! Why not?

Bárbara do Amaral CorreiaPresident of JSD Algarve

There is a certain irony in a reasoning that is: on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we regret that young people do not want to know about politics; on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, when young people are interested in politics, it is because they want a job or because they want to rise in life on account of PS or PSD.

Alexandre PoçoPresident of JSD

Building sustainable, inclusive and inclusive societies fairer, it depends on the role that young people play today and that they will play in the future, so access to education and higher education must be taken very seriously, because well-prepared young people will be the best promoters of change .

Lídia PereiraYEPP President

Watch or review this enlightening session of “Conversas Soltas”, moderated by Álvaro Viegas.