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Spot work dispenses advertising paid by taxpayers

The Political Commission of the PSD of Olhão repudiates the attitude of the city council executive in the use of public money, for the benefit of the Socialist Party’s municipal campaign, with the display in the last days of numerous billboards announcing future works.

The same strategy, electoral and demagogic, has been multiplied, all over the municipality, used by the current Mayor of the City, António Miguel Pina, who in 2013 and 2017 promised works that after 8 years continue to await completion.

In our opinion, if the work was really “in sight”, it didn’t need so much publicity!

The strategy used is already known and intends to make Olhanenses believe that it will be in their last term that they will do EVERYTHING that they have not been able to accomplish in the last 8 years.

We believe that in politics it cannot be worth everything. Taxpayers’ money cannot be used to benefit the image of the ruling party, as is happening scandalously in our county.

We emphasize that PSD Olhão is not against the investment that aims to promote the development of the municipality, it just condemns the public money to be spent advertising this investment.

The PSD informs that it will make a participation to the Court of Auditors and the National Elections Commission, so that they can ascertain the legality of this municipal investment for the electoral benefit of a political party.