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Rúben Pires is the new president of the reactivated JSD Olhão

The Youth Social Democrats are back in Olhão after 6 years of inactivity. The elections, with a single list, took place on 18 February, acclaiming Rúben Pires, a 23-year-old trainee lawyer, as the new President of JSD Olhão.

The new elected team is composed by Alexandre Graça, Vice-President, Alexandre Mira, Secretary General and Júlia Fonseca, President of the Plenary Meeting.

“Taking politics to young people and demystifying prejudices associated with party youths” is the main objective defined by the new President of JSD Olhão for the mandate that now begins”.

“We consider it essential, at first, to guarantee the continuity and longevity of the structure, in order to ensure that we don’t go through such a long period of inactivity again. In order to achieve this objective, we built a cohesive but diverse team, which includes young people attending all levels of education, from primary school to university, as well as others who are already in the job market”, informs Rúben Pires.

“One of our greatest challenges will be to reach young people and to effectively give them a voice and a stage where they can make themselves heard. But JSD Olhão responds to these challenges in a simple way: we believe that the municipality lacks a space in which young people can discuss issues that have a daily impact on their lives. The issues of housing, strikes in primary and secondary education, access to higher education, among many others, will be areas for which we will present concrete proposals aimed at helping all young people from Olhão and guarantee that their problems can be solved”, explains the new President of JSD Olhão.

“Among them, we would like to say that we will fight with the competent entities for the creation of an organism in which young people can freely present proposals for the future of the town, and see them discussed and put into effect”, added the leader of the Young Social Democrats of Olhão.

“We believe that politics is done in the street and not only in meeting rooms. It is essential to listen to young people from Olhão and to be by their side, since this is the only way we will really know the root of their problems and anxieties”, concludes the newly elected President of JSD Olhão.

“JSD Olhão is back to stay and to help create a better Olhão”, guarantees Rúben Pires.

For the President of the Olhão PSD, António Andrade, “With the reactivation of the JSD, the 3 main objectives of the 2021-2023 mandate of the current Section Policy Committee are fully met: Reaffiliation, Proximity between elected members and voters and Reactivation of the JSD”.

Olhão, 27th February 2023