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PSD Olhão gives voice to the Social Democratic Mayors in the last session of “Conversas Soltas”

The next session of “Conversas soltas” will be the last, ending a cycle of monthly videoconferences that PSD Olhão dedicated to the autonomous structures of the Social Democratic Party.

In a year of municipal elections, the mayors have the main role in the political landscape and are called to give testimony of their experience in the field. We therefore invite representatives of ASDs (Social Democratic Mayors) to discuss “The role of ASDs as faces of Social Democracy in Local Power”.

The videoconference will be broadcast live, on the Facebook page of PSD Olhão, Monday, May 31, at 9:30 pm, and will give the floor to the following invited speakers:

Hélder Silva – President of ASD and President of C. M. de Mafra;
Pedro Pinto – Secretary General of the ASD and Former President of C. M. de Paços Ferreira;
Rogério Bacalhau – President of C. M. de Faro and Vice President of A.N.M.P.

The moderator of the conversation will be Daniel Santana, PSD Councilor at C.M. de Olhão and Former President of A.M. de Olhão.