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PSD Olhão does not recognize the competence of PS Olhão to answer for AMAL

In reaction to the latest news, which reports a response from PS Olhão to a statement from the president of the Union of Parishes of Moncarapacho and Fuseta, asking AMAL to reset Eva bus schedules, suppressed due to the limitations imposed by the State of Emergency, PSD Olhão rejects the attitude of PS Olhão, as it does not recognize its competence in providing clarifications through AMAL.

For what purpose and with what authority does PS Olhão try to humiliate a mayor in the public square who did nothing but fulfill his obligation: to care for the best interest of the population of the Union of Parishes that are entrusted to him, when he complains about seeing yet more reduced your mobility?

PSD Olhão considers that, if there is an arm wrestling between mayors from opposing parties, the Socialist Party is politicizing issues and inciting an unreasonable partisan guerrilla, trying to dominate everything, even what is not up to it, to the detriment of the interests of the population.

With this attitude, once again, we consider that PS Olhão exceeded all acceptable limits, confirming the arrogance and authoritarianism that are publicly recognized.

Olhão for EVERYONE

Olhão, April 16, 2021

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