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PSD demands exoneration of deputy mayor of Olhão

The PSD Olhão has become aware, as have the citizens of Olhão, of a video in which one can see the Olhão Mayor’s Office Assistant threatening a citizen with an axe.

At the origin of the quarrel will be reasons of a political nature. It is shocking. In light of this, the person concerned has reportedly been suspended from his duties.

According to the law, there is no provision for the suspension of the position of Deputy to the President’s Office – a position of personal and political trust. There is only resignation, implying the immediate and unappealable termination of any link to the President and the Municipality.

Even if the suspension existed, it is shocking that the Mayor does not fire the person in question, in the face of a serious offense that constitutes a public crime, which reveals the intention of the Olhão PS to protect its appointees, even when they are perpetrators of crimes against the citizens.