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Olhão’s Civil Registry not issuing documents due to lack of employees

The Political Commission of PSD Olhão denounces the continuous decline of services provided by IRN – Instituto dos Registos e Notariado – in OlhãoAccording to the police officer assigned to control the entry of citizens at the door of this service, the police officer noted today the continued absence of employees, allegedly for reasons of sick leave.

With open doors and no possibility of online booking, the service is working under a minimum service regime, with only one employee. Due to limited human resources, at the moment it is only possible to activate the signature and mobile digital key and collect already issued citizen cards, and the services for issuing any documents are suspended. Citizens seeking the issuance of cards or passports are being directed to other counties, as we witnessed on the spot.

We believe that this situation has already gone beyond what is reasonable, putting at risk the functioning of a fundamental public service for the Olhanenses. From various testimonies, we have confirmed that this difficulty has been going on for too long, without the PS municipal executive having made a public statement on the matter.

It’s unacceptable that Olhanenses have to travel to other municipalities (the closest one being Faro – 10 kilometers away), to have matters as fundamental as the simple issuing of a document resolved.

We reiterate that it is shameful that the PS Municipal Executive treats Olhanenses this way, without revealing any effort, nor making the necessary public representations to the Ministry of Justice, for the urgent regularization of the IRN Services in Olhão.