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Olhão’s city council does not resolve or accept solutions

Once again, PSD Olhão tried to be part of the solution, responding to a parking problem, exposed by a citizen indignant at the inaction of the Municipality of Olhão regarding the matter.

At the City Council meeting on December 23, councilor Daniel Santana presented a PSD proposal for the resolution of disordered parking in Beco da praia – Fuseta, contemplating the delimitation of places and the placement of bollards, avoiding the blocking of access to garages there existing. The PS councilor with the traffic department, claiming that the matter would already be in resolution, suggested the withdrawal of the PSD proposal.

On the same day, after local verification that nothing had been done, the PSD returned to request that the proposal be discussed and deliberated in a Chamber meeting. After long insistence, the proposal was finally included on the agenda for the February 3 meeting, with the President and the entire PS council voting against, arguing not to vote on proposals without the technical opinion of the services.

PSD Olhão regrets yet another episode in which the city council executive confirms his ineffectiveness in the face of the problems exposed by the population, making stubbornness, disregard and disrespect prevail over the contribution of the political agents democratically elected by Olhanenses.