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The countdown for the Local Elections 2021 begins and we are proud to be able to say: we are ready!

We have an organized and cohesive council, and with due time and criteria we unanimously chose and approved the best candidates.

Álvaro Viegas, our candidate for city mayor of Olhão, heads a change project for our municipality that will propose new ideas and new protagonists.

Soon, we will make known the rest of the list leaders, so that in the front line they can join forces and propose the best solutions to the problems that persist.

The new times we live in demand different answers, only possible with the vote of confidence of dissatisfied Olhanenses.

Because Olhão belongs to EVERYONE and must be for EVERYONE, EVERYONE who believes that the change we wish to bring about is possible.

Crediting and elevating politics in Olhão is our purpose. In this municipal struggle, our only opponent is abstention.

Therefore, this will be our motto:

OLHÃO FOR EVERYONE – It’s all up to you!