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New political commission has already taken office

Yesterday, December 9, at 9:00 pm, the PSD Olhão Section Assembly, in which the members elected on November 7 for the municipal bodies took office.

The meeting, which took place at the Teacher Maria José Fraqueza’s library, in Fuseta, complying with all the rules of security and social distance, was attended by the president of PSD Algarve, David Santos.

Luiz Trindade, the re-elected President of the CPS, reiterated that the motto of his list “Unite to Win” is the key to change so that PSD Olhão regains the confidence of former militants, gains the support of new militants and leads the electorate to believe in PSD as a real government alternative in Olhão.

Anticipating a year of “a lot of work”, the President of the District, David Santos, recalled the importance of municipalities 2021 for the strategic positioning of the PSD, especially in the municipalities where it was never able to, such as Olhão. “It is essential to present the best proposals and the most credible candidates to win the voters’ vote of confidence,” said the president of PSD Algarve.