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António Andrade is the new president of PSD Olhão

Municipal deputy António Andrade is the new leader of the Political Committee of the PSD Section of Olhão, succeeding Luiz Trindade, who resigned after the municipal elections of September 26.

Sole candidate for the internal elections that took place last Saturday, November 20, António Andrade was elected by majority vote, with 84% of the votes.

Born and resident in Olhão, son of Olhão, married and father of two, António Andrade, 42, is a businessman, graduated in geographic engineering and postgraduated in municipal coordination of civil protection. A member of the PSD since 2004, he was elected deputy to the Municipal Assembly of Olhão in the 2021 municipal councils. He is currently also president of the Rotary Club of Olhão.

Accompanying him for the 2021-2023 mandate, António Andrade has Cláudia Sofia Sousa and Soraia Cruz de Almeida, both as vice-presidents, and Nélia Alfarrobinha and João Parra, in the roles of secretary and treasurer, respectively.

The elected list has as effective members Vanda Rodrigues, Nuno Santos, Rafaela Soares, Paulo Carvalho, André Bexiga, Cláudia Nascimento and Bernardino Alves.

Section Assembly Table elected Carlos Cabral (president), Elisabete Lopes (vice president), Sílvia Andrade (secretary) and Manuel Carlos Sousa (alternate).

Thanking all the activists who exercised their right to vote, the elected president, António Andrade, reiterates his willingness and willingness to continue with the process of change underway in PSD Olhão, initiated by the previous direction :

“We defend that it is necessary to do it differently. We believe that this council section needs to maintain a strong core structure, being open to the active participation of new elements who wish to add value to the
work developed, towards a common goal: A strong PSD Olhão,
credible and victorious.

Safeguarding the continuity of projects already implemented, we present a renewed list, under the responsible guidance of some elements that have been proven in the recent past.

We are for an aggregating fusion of militants that allows the youngest to continuously learn, while allowing them to add value to the collective work with their ideas, proposals and personal skills.

We believe that seniority policy should not be a post, and that the values ​​of work, dedication and merit should prevail and be extolled.

The future of PSD Olhão depends and needs everyone, especially those who are willing to give, to contribute, to serve the public cause, voluntarily disposing of their time and competence for the benefit of a common purpose.

In order to lead the PSD Olhão to new times with horizons of the future, through a more open, dynamic and aggregating council, we present the central axes of this mandate:

Refiliation: Reinforcing the trust of militants through given evidence,
we bet on the rapprochement with the party of those who at some point
JSD Reactivation: Without youth there is no future, so reactivate Youth
Social Democrats in Olhão is crucial for a long-term project. With
a renewed headquarters, together with the Secondary School of Olhão, the
conditions for the meeting of ideas and desires.
Closeness between elected officials and voters: Those elected by the PSD must be the voice of the people in local authorities. It is essential that mayors insist on the presentation of questions and proposals that reflect the needs of the
population and make public the feedback obtained after each meeting of
Parish Assembly, Chamber meeting or Municipal Assembly.

This is an essential commitment for a good performance and consolidation of an image of reputation of the PSD of Olhão.

We want a PSD Olhão that helps to clarify, to inform, to resolve. We count on everyone to combine experience with innovation. Because we believe that the future needs everyone!