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Ambiolhão workers deserve more than applause

Councilor Daniel Santana, elected by the PSD, saw a proposal rejected in the last meeting of the Municipal Council of Olhão, which required, until the end of this year, “the recognition of the right to a professional, progressive and properly remunerated career, the all workers in the municipality, starting with those from Ambiolhão”.

With the argument that “it did not make sense to approve a proposal already under development by Ambiolhão”, ensuring that “it would certainly be completed before the requested deadline”, the PSD proposal was rejected with the vote of the Mayor, António Miguel Pina and the rest of the socialist executive.

It should be noted that Ambiolhão has been promising this measure to workers for four years, with successive postponements and setbacks, without any effective implementation, maintaining a policy of minimum wages and total devaluation of the individual professional skills of each worker.

The PSD councilor’s proposal, now voted and rejected, was triggered by public statements by the Mayor of Olhão, also President of the Board of Directors of Ambiolhão who, in a recent video posted on social networks, called for “a round of applause” ”Of gratitude and recognition of the fundamental and heroic work of these professionals.

Daniel Santana argues that “the palms are no longer enough”, to thank these workers who for so many years have been forgotten and are not properly valued, stressing that “the greatest gratitude would be to recognize their right to a career”, especially now that are daily exposed to increased health risks.