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Welcome to the official website of PSD Olhão!

Now, just a click away, we are closer than ever. Here you can get to know us better and follow all our initiatives. You can also leave your contribution, so that together we can build a better Olhão!

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The latest news, press releases and other informative articles. Find out about the echo that PSD Olhão has had in the media.

Message from the President António Andrade

Welcome to our website!

This is our digital address, launched in times of social isolation, to publicise and dignify the work we have been doing, bringing it in line with the technological leap that the world has had to make to face up to the limitations imposed by the pandemic.

Having been duly informed and enlightened, I hope you will feel invited to actively participate in our project of affirming the ideals of Social Democracy.

Constantly updated, this page highlights our main lines of action, complementing the information conveyed through our presence on the social networks.

Seeking to meet the needs and expectations of the people of Olhão, we express here the work of those who contribute daily to a PSD Olhão with new horizons.

I would very much like to count on your participation, your ideas, opinions and suggestions, because THE FUTURE NEEDS EVERYONE!

Become a PSD militant!

The PSD is founded on the strength of its grassroots and the firmness of its militancy. Interclassist, the PSD is the party that best represents Portugal. Due to its humanist roots, the PSD believes in personal and social affirmation and, in this way, in the construction of a fairer and freer society.

Each militant is unique. And every militant counts. Join us!


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